CrossFit 101: Facts to Know before Starting Crossfit Training

Are you interested in Crossfit training? You may have seen people’s amazing results coming from this type of fitness training. But you are worried about where to start?

We have the basics for you to prepare for your journey into Crossfit training. As a beginner Crossfit participant, understanding what to expect in your first days can help you endure the intensity and help you reach your fitness goals. Crossfit has already helped many people transform their lifestyles and their endurance levels, and you can get there, too!

What is Crossfit Training?

Crossfit training was started by Greg Glassman who developed a fitness program where all functional movements are constantly varied at high-intensity levels. The “cross” fitness is a mixture of weight lifting and cardio workouts to create an engaging fitness regimen. Crossfit is beneficial for everyone and can build strength if you are missing strength from your workouts. It also gives you cardio if you want to add more activity to your weight lifting regimen.

Crossfit Training Basics

There are many types of fitness classes offered, but if you’re looking to get into Crossfit training, it’s important for you to know what you’re getting into. With these Crossfit training basics, you’ll be prepared for your first day on your Crossfit journey.

You’ll be sore, of course

Like with all new workouts, you will definitely feel it in the morning. You may be sore the first few days of your training, but don’t fear—your body will become accustomed to the workout. You’re at a beginner level of Crossfit, so take the pain in and get ready to see some great fitness results. No pain, no gain, right?

Beware of rhabdomyolysis when you first start Crossfit training. “Rhabdo” is a condition causing muscle soreness to even severe conditions like kidney failure and death. Take it slow starting off, and ease into a more intense level of training.

Learn the lingo

Crossfit training has many acronyms for various workouts. Understanding the different acronyms and lingo can help you assimilate into the Crossfit community.

  • WOD: Workout of the Day. This is the workout you will be performing for the day; each day will have a various workout.
  • The Box: The studio of your Crossfit training. Unlike a standard gym, it is more of a raw space than an organized space with fitness equipment.
  • AMRAP: “As many rounds as possible.” If you hear this in your first Crossfit training day, get ready to go until you can’t anymore.

High Intensity Classes

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