Nutrition Myth: Late Night Eating Will Make You Gain Weight

Is it true those late night fries are hindering your weight loss? This nutrition myth keeps some people up at night. When your Friday night ends with a slice of pizza, will it throw off your calorie intake for the next day?

There are always two sides to every story, and late night eating is no different. It has negatives and positives. If you are a frequent late night eater, will you experience weight gain afterward? Let’s debunk this nutrition myth once and for all.

Nutrition Myth Debunked: The Effects of Late Night Eating

We all have those nights where a cheeseburger and fries just sounds so much better at midnight. With restaurants being open 24 hours, it really doesn’t help you stay in control of your cravings.

What are your calorie needs?

This nutrition myth depends on your calorie needs. If by the end of the day you haven’t met your calorie intake, some healthy late eating won’t cause you to gain weight. However, late night eating can cause weight gain if you’ve already met your calorie intake for the day. In this case, you’re adding to the calories, and this extra intake could be a factor for your weight gain.

Slowed down

Slow digestion can also affect your weight gain from late night eating. If you are a regular late night eater, you must allow one to two hours to pass before heading to bed for your stomach to properly digest your food.

If you immediately go to bed after a big late night feast, you may wake up with a stomachache. You should also consider including your late night meal in your calorie intake for the next day. This will help prevent you from getting more calories than your body needs.

No sense eating

The usual activities associated with late night eating includes watching TV or being on the computer. This could cause mindless eating, resulting in you ignoring portion control. You body does not need these extra calories. Try to keep your calories in mind when you start thinking about those late night cravings.

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