Poses with Benefits: Yoga for Weight Loss

Did you know you can lose serious weight from your daily yoga routine? If you’re looking for a more gentle way to lose weight than intense cardio, consider yoga for weight loss. Get to a healthy weight through a softer fitness regimen. We’ll let you know the yoga poses and yoga stretches for weight loss you can start adding to your routine.

Breathe into a New Body: Yoga Positions for Weight Loss

Tired of the standard way to lose weight or looking for a more relaxed workout routine? Yoga for weight loss is perfect for you! If you have a yoga routine already, try adding these poses and stretches. Begin training to become a new, calm you!

Dog poses

For sexy legs, give a howl for the dog poses. Both versions of the dog poses—downward-facing dog and upward-facing dog—can help tone your hips and thighs. If you already do dog poses in your yoga routine, you were doing yoga for weight loss without even knowing!

Lengthening child’s pose and cobra pose

Twisty poses like the cobra pose and lengthening child’s pose will target the abdomen and internal organs to help with optimizing digestion in the body. These poses, plus a healthy diet, will help you reach your health goals in no time.

Fish pose and shoulder stand

Swim into a new body with the fish pose and the shoulder stand. They both help rouse your thyroid and helps boost your body’s metabolism. If the shoulder stand is too difficult for you to achieve, start with the fish pose to get your metabolism boosted and gradually add the shoulder stand into your yoga routine.

Relax into Online Personal Training

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