The App Details

Do you want to reach your FIT-Potential? With Strong Lean Happy’s online personal training App , you can start your journey to a better you. Our “app provided” online workouts and videos are designed by Amanda Barton, Certified Personal Trainer,  who will guide you the whole way with the best ways to get you Strong, Lean, & Happy.

Strong Lean Happy Online Workouts

S.W.A.T. (Strength Work & Aesthetics Training)

The first of our personal online classes is S.W.A.T. Get strong with bodyweight and weighted exercises, incorporated to target overall strength, balance, and core conditioning. Learn the importance of timing, tempo, and recovery periods to maximize your workout and sculpt your physique. The use of bands, balls, and weights are always optional but increase the fat burning and muscle defining potential of this strength training workout.


Get lean with this calorie-blasting circuit training. Metabolic Conditioning, or MetCon as it’s often referred, is defined by fast-paced, high-intensity workouts. This is one of our online personal training programs that involves specific repetitions of the exercise in a given circuit, repeated for a specific number of rounds. This style of workout helps with the cardiovascular system without sacrificing muscle loss.


Get your happy on, with High-Intensity Interval Training. These online workout classes focus on timed exercises and timed rest periods. During the active portion of the interval, you give your all-out 100% effort through quick intense bursts of exercise. This is followed by short and sometimes active recovery periods. Great for those looking to burn fat in a short period of time.


Build strength and gain muscle with our GYM REQUIRED workouts. Follow appropriate Tempo, Timing, Repetitions, & Sets to get the best benefits from your GYM Required workout.

Choose the Right Workout Classes for You

On Demand Videos

Our on-demand workouts make it easy for you to exercise at home or anywhere you have the App downloaded. Perfect for those days when you only have a few minutes to workout your core, a specific trouble area, or if you’re ready to dive into daily routines and challenges created by Certified Personal Trainers. We have a variety of workout styles to fit your workout personality and schedule. We are here to help you get Strong Lean Happy.


Workout out at the gym or your home!

You can complete each workout at your own pace at you own convenience. Any day or time. These self guided workouts include instructions on how to execute the workout, along with videos on how to execute each exercise. During Our HAPPY HIIT workouts, a start button feature is there to time you through the entire workout!

Follow Along in the App:

  • “Check-in” for each workout, and make sure to add the weights you use and how many reps you do so that you can create a footprint for your progress!
  • Once checked in, the group can then see you checked in from the group chat feature. Feel free to cheer each other on, by liking, commenting, or adding an emoji when others check in to the group workouts!!

Want to Add Additional Workouts To Your week, or Try Something New?

Choose from our workout library for Self Guided workouts, or select an On-Demand workout & workout with Amanda right from your home.

Don’t Have All the Equipment Listed for the Workout?

No worries you can do all body weight exercises and just include what you have, get creative by using things around your house like soup cans, filled water bottles, your cat, dog or baby, etc.

Progress Updates:

Every 2 weeks you will be asked to submit your progress pictures, weight and measurements with in the app. Don’t forget to update so you can see how great you are doing! Don’t worry! Other users cannot see your progress pictures, they are in your profile only.

Send Amanda a message within the App and she will help you with anything you need!


Are You Ready to Reach your FIT-Potential?

If you’re ready to join Strong Lean Happy’s online workout classes, sign up today! Once you sign up you will receive a link to download our App and Get Started on your fitness journey today!