Class Descriptions

When you join the Strong Lean Happy community, you have access to a variety of online workout classes. Whether you want to lose excess fat, strengthen your muscles, or just have fun, there’s a little something for everyone.

Strong Lean Happy Online Workout Classes

S.W.A.T. (Strength Work & Aesthetics Training)

The first of our personal online classes is S.W.A.T. Get STRONG with bodyweight and weighted exercises, incorporated to target overall strength, balance, and core conditioning. Learn the importance of timing, tempo, and recovery periods to maximize your workout and sculpt your physique. The use of bands, balls, and weights are always optional but increase the fat burning and muscle defining potential of this strength training workout.


Get LEAN with this calorie-blasting circuit training. Metabolic Conditioning, or MetCon as it’s often referred, is defined by fast-paced, high-intensity workouts. This is one of our online personal training programs that involves specific repetitions of the exercise in a given circuit, repeated for a specific number of rounds. This style of workout helps with the cardiovascular system without sacrificing muscle loss.


Get your HAPPY on, with High-Intensity Interval Training. These online workout classes focus on timed exercises and timed rest periods. During the active portion of the interval, you give your all-out 100% effort through quick intense bursts of exercise. This is followed by short and sometimes active recovery periods. Great for those looking to burn fat in a short period of time.

SLH Nutrition

Learn how to eat healthy, feel great, and look great with these Live and On-Demand Nutrition classes from Certified Nutritionists. Learn from: What to eat before and after workouts, how to meal prep, what healthy snacks to choose, what supplements to take, and much, much more.


Build strength and gain muscle with our GYM REQUIRED workouts. Follow appropriate Tempo, Timing, Repetitions, & Sets to get the best benefits from your GYM Required workout.

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