candy bowl

Put the Candy Bar Down: 5 Natural Ways to Handle Cravings

The beginning stage of your new diet could be hard to handle due to the fact that you will be changing your existing diet. If your body has become accustomed to unhealthy foods, bringing in a new diet might not suppress your cravings. Managing food cravings during your new diet may be hard, but it […]

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croissant brunch juice

4 Tips to Avoid Weekend Binges

 The week has finally ended, and you’re looking forward to your weekend plans. You’ve been doing good on your health and fitness this week, and you know you can finish strong. You have brunch plans, and you’re excited to be around your friends and family. But what happens to your diet? It’s the weekend, so […]

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protein man lifting weight

5 of the Best Protein Powder Brands You Should Try

It can be overwhelming to walk into a supplement store and look at all the protein powder brands. Looking at a wall full of options, how can you tell which one is the best from the rest? How will you know which is the best protein brand for muscle development or the best tasting protein […]

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no excuses chalkboard

10 Excuses People Use to Justify a Poor Diet

What would you say if someone asked why you aren’t eating healthier? You might find yourself using excuses for a poor diet to justify yourself. Everyone finds the best excuses when they are defending their unhealthy habits. Sadly, they don’t get creative and all the excuses start to sound the same. Eliminate these 10 excuses […]

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green smoothie

The Best Things in Life Are Green: Smoothie Recipes

Are you always on the go? Do you want to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet but don’t have time to eat them individually? Get ready to go green with these great smoothie recipes. Green smoothies are an easy way to eat your daily servings of vegetables and fruits and even get some […]

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