4 Tips to Avoid Weekend Binges

 The week has finally ended, and you’re looking forward to your weekend plans. You’ve been doing good on your health and fitness this week, and you know you can finish strong. You have brunch plans, and you’re excited to be around your friends and family. But what happens to your diet? It’s the weekend, so you can start the weekends off diet. Cheat weekends allow you to enjoy any spur of the moment diet choices made on Saturday and Sunday. But what if you are worried about weekend binges? What do you do if you just started your diet and don’t want the temptation of eating bad on the weekends?

Four Tips to Avoid Weekend Binges

It can be hard to avoid overeating at brunch or at a party on the weekends. There are so many temptations out there for you to drop your healthy diet and just start up again on Monday. But there are ways to avoid weekend binges.

1. Read the menu

Brunch provides a plethora of options because you can get both breakfast and lunch foods. It could be difficult to not weekend binge on croissants and mimosas. If you know where you’re going to brunch this weekend, take a look at their menu online. Strategize what you will eat that fits well with your diet. If there isn’t an option for you, consider something with less calories, as that will prevent you from having to work out harder on Monday.

2. Give yourself some space with a cheat weekend, not just a cheat day

While cheat days are used in a healthy diet, they may not be so good for you. You deprive yourself all week of unhealthy things until cheat day. Then, cheat day comes, and you go wild with eating all that you desired. You might start freaking out because you may have eaten more than what you intended to eat.

Spread out your cheat day to cheat weekends, so you can spread out eating bad on the weekends. You should still monitor what you eat, so you can prevent overeating even if you spread it out for two days. Consider this weekends off diet to not just overeat on one day.

3. Don’t punish yourself if you do overeat

It has been said that overeating on weekends could be beneficial to your diet. If you happened to have a weekend binge, don’t feel so down on yourself. You should learn from it and know your limits for next time. Take it as a learning experience, not as a guilty memory.

4. When in doubt, work it out

If you’re just worried to offset your health gains you made, consider a light workout in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. If weekend overeating worries you, feel better knowing that you have done your part to workout. The more calories you burn will offset the calories you have eaten. You don’t even have to head to a gym, you can always just work out from home.

Have a Nutritional Plan Ready for the Weekends

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