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Start Recruiting Your Supporters

Start Recruiting Your Supporters

The people we see/speak with almost on the daily, i.e. family, friends, coworkers, roommates, etc. — can influence what we do.

Make that work to your advantage. 

This week, try building your social support network by recruiting some cheerleaders and helpers for “Team You”.

You don’t have to dump all your friends and only find new ones at yoga or the gym.

Rather, look for ways that you can incorporate health, fitness, and good nutrition into your daily interactions with the people you know and love.

Along the way, you might have to have some tough, honest conversations about what you need.

You might have to negotiate some changes in your household routines.

But you’ll probably find that most people are rooting for you and want you to be healthier and happier.

Team recruitment 101

The more people you recruit for your team, the better your chances of succeeding on your fitness Journey.

Here are some ideas to help your recruitment success:

Ask for help if you need it. Don’t be a lone martyr all the time.

Look for opportunities everywhere. Be creative. Have fun!

Be patient, but persistent. Not everyone will come around to your new healthy habits right away. That’s normal.

Figure out what YOU need to be your best self, and ask for it. Remember: You need to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Focus on what you can control. You can’t control other people. You can only be the boss of you. You’re in charge of your actions and your attitude, and you can do lots of things to improve your environment.

These are just a few ideas, remember consistency is compounding over time. 

Go Team You!! 

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Whats the Beef about Beef?

B E E F – it’s what’s for dinner.  

So what’s all the beef about beef?🥩

Is it healthy? Is it bad for you? Is it bad for the environmental? Is it good for the environment? 

There are so many conflicting opinions about this protein filled substance. 

Here is our opinion on if you should indulge, why, and how.

Beef provides good-quality protein and is also rich in nutrients, such as energy-supplying iron, zinc and vitamin B12 and immunity-supporting selenium.


Since fast food burgers are considered in the realm of red meat, it can give red meat a bad rap.

The meat quality could also be more of an issue than the meat itself.  After all, lean, grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free beef from happy cows would probably be different than fatty, corn-fed, hormone-laced, antibiotic-bathed beef from cows in crowded feedlots… never mind beef that’s been processed through the fast food factory.

Our Recommendation(from our friends at PN):

  • incorporate a variety of sources of lean protein in your diet
  • eat whole, unprocessed foods
  • eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  • avoid simple and refined carbohydrates
  • eat naturally occurring “good fats”; avoid industrially produced trans fats and hydrogenated fats
  • buy the best quality food you can afford — including grass-fed, pastured beef if you can manage it
  • keep doing all the habits that — overall — add up to good health
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EXTRA as an avocado. Why is everyone crazy about avocados?

E X T R A – it’s ok Avocado, we’re extra too. So what’s up with avocados? What is all the craze about?


Well here is the 411 on Avocados. Avocado is the only fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). MUFA’s are the good fats that help lower bad cholesteral.

Avocados are a naturally nutrient-dense food and contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. As well as a 15g of fiber per avocado.

Healthy Fats are essential for every single cell in the body. Eating healthy fats supports skin health, enhances the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and may even help boost the immune system. GO AVOCADO! #strongleanhappy #AVOCADO #EXTRA

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5 Key Steps to Avoid Weight Gain During Travel

Step 1 – Make a Game Plan

Even in the smallest towns there are places where you can get a workout in. If its extra money you’re  worried about spending on a la carte gym fees, I will let you in on a secret I have been using for years.  Put on your workout clothes, head to desired gym, (even better if its with friends or family that already go to that gym), approach the front desk and say, “I’m new in town and I’m thinking of living in this area and would really like to check out your facilities” Stress to them you don’t want a sales pitch, and in high-end gyms like Lifetime and Equinox they will not pressure you into talking about getting a membership, instead will have you sign a waiver and let you workout for that day or week for free. And BOOM, free workouts. DONE. The reason you say you’re moving to the area is, if they see an out of state ID they will assume you are only visiting, not interested in a membership, and force you to pay absurd day fees up to $50/day.

Step 2 – Consistency

Sticking to your regular schedule as closely as possible…. Set your regular alarms and add in some meal alarms so that you don’t forget to eat by getting side tracked by your travel plans or adapting habits of your travel partners.  You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, why adapt to them, make them adapt to you.

Step 3 – Recovery

Staying hydrated, getting ample sleep, and properly recovering from the stressors of travel and working out is key to keeping your adrenal glads and hormones in check. Cortisol, our “fat storage hormone” can get thrown out of whack with constant stress. Keeping mental and physical stress to a minimum will help prevent weight gain from settling around your waistline and a host of other issues such as irritability and depression.

Step 4 – Be Selfish

Going out to eat doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You just have to own up to your needs and don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions and special requests. With the growing number of food sensitivities and allergies, making the server aware of your nutritional needs is no longer something you should be scared about.  Be very polite, ask as many questions about the dishes as you see fit.  When your food arrives and you’re happy with your meal, it will be worth the pain and suffering you endured to ask a few simple questions.  BUT along with this comes the compensation.  Don’t forget to tip, and tip well. Its only fair, since you were a POLITE pain in the server’s ass, to reward them with a fat tip (at LEAST 20%).

Step 5 – Always BYOF

And Finally, Bring Your Own Food. And I know what your thinking, “Naaaaw, I’m good”, those sexy black leather pants you packed won’t love you back if you don’t. Trust me, this part is essential. Keeping on track with meal timing and paying attention to your hunger when you are out of your element will be the single most important thing you can accomplish to avoid weight gain during travel.  Pack snacks in your carry on and even your suitcase for healthy options when there is none.  This includes a few servings of your favorite protein, nuts, quest bars, organic jerky and don’t forget your supplements. If you’re feeling like these will take up too much real estate in your luggage, separating your supplements in ziploc bags and then placing them in your protein shaker saves on a lot of space. Plus by packing some snacks, this will save some space in those leather pants, and to me that’s worth more than taking up extra space in your suitcase.

Online Personal Training

4 Fun Locations to Try Online Personal Training

What makes online personal training so motivating? Probably the ability to workout anywhere you have wireless Internet access. You have the opportunity to branch out of the gym’s four walls.

At-home online personal training can transform to a backyard workout. The beauty of working out online is that the locations you use to reach your fitness goals are endless. Some of our subscribers have unique locations for online personal training. Let our program work for you, on your own time and at your preferred spot.

4 Fun Locations to Do Online Personal Training

We understand the gym life isn’t for everyone. Online personal training brings you the convenience to workout in the comfort of your own home—or anywhere you have access to wireless Internet.

Your backyard

Who needs a heated room to sweat it out when here in Vegas, you can do a heated exercise outside? Bring your laptop, and get ready to sweat it out in your own backyard. Unlike in a gym, your backyard gives you unlimited heated exercises for free! Make the summer heat work for you and your fitness goals.

Your kitchen

While you’re making breakfast or lunch for your family, grab your laptop and start doing some warm-ups. You can find a wide array of online personal training classes at Strong Lean Happy. Our online fitness program also gives you access to nutrition classes to help you eat a healthy diet along with your fitness regiment.

Your local park

While most parks now have wireless Internet flowing throughout the whole park, this will give you a perfect open place to reach your fitness goals. You can breathe in fresh air and work out on the grass on a perfect day. You can grab other Strong Lean Happy subscribers to train together in a fun subscriber meetup!

Your vacation hotel room

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to stop reaching for your fitness goals. You won’t need to head to a hotel fitness center when you have your laptop with you. You can do your workout for the day without having to leave your hotel room or suite. Just bring the wireless Internet password, and get to working out!

Workouts without Borders

We understand the gym may not be convenient for everyone. This is why online personal training from Strong Lean Happy is a great option for those who want to stay fit but don’t have time to drive to a gym. We offer a wide array of classes for every fitness goal. Grab your subscription today!

Online Personal Training

Essentials for At-Home Workouts

Are you embarking on an online personal training journey to a healthier you? To be successful in your journey, consider turning your home into a personal gym. Grab these essentials for at-home workouts.

From kettlebells to a nice mat to do all your workouts, you’ll need to get workout equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. Working out at home with online personal training will give you the benefit of not having to leave your house to get a good workout. With the right equipment, you’ll reach your fitness goals more easily.

4 Essentials for Fitness at Home

Bring the gym to your home. Prepare your home with the equipment to achieve all of your fitness goals through the use of online personal training.

Quality yoga mat

A high-quality yoga mat is one of the most important essentials for at-home workouts. This is the piece of equipment you’ll use the most. It should support you. A durable yoga mat will prevent you from having to work out on a rough floor.


For those workouts requiring some weight, kettlebells are a great option for at-home training. Some classes, like HIIT, require strength training. Kettlebells can provide you with a more challenging movement in your workouts.

Medicine ball

You can perform so many workouts with a medicine ball. These pieces of equipment can help you work your core or any other muscles you’re looking to strengthen. You can use it in various workouts, so it will be beneficial for online personal training. Look for a soft version if you plan to do catch and release workouts with a medicine ball.


With endless amounts of workout dumbbells could be used for, it is always a good essential to have at home. To start off in your new home gym, it’s a good idea to gather 3-5 dumbbells in a range of weights you are comfortable with. As you progress, you can get more dumbbells with heavier weight.

Bonus Home Essential: Online Personal Training

Looking to get strong at home? Strong Lean Happy provides you with online personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals. We offer our subscribers a wide range of classes available on demand or through live stream. Get your subscription today!

Online Personal Training

For Your Convenience: Benefits of Online Personal Training

How would you like to workout in the comfort of your own home? What if there was a way for you to skip the crowded gyms? With online personal training, you have the freedom of working out anywhere wireless Internet is available.

Online personal training is beneficial for those who don’t want to spend their time at a gym but still want a good workout. Some services even offer nutrition advice and meal tracking to get you to a healthier you. Online fitness training through your computer is an advancement in fitness technology. If you’ve never had a personal training session, web-based personal training will give you unlimited access to an online personal trainer-led daily workout routines. Skip the cramped gyms, and go for online personal training.

Benefits of Online Personal Training

Online personal training is becoming a big fitness trend. Get in on all the benefits before everyone else.

Working out when you want to

Whether you like to work out late at night or as the sun rises, online personal training allows you to choose your workout times. Online fitness training can be convenient for new mommies wanting to get back in shape.You can just workout from home and avoid having to find a babysitter for your little ones.

Most online personal training will have various live-streaming workouts. With this feature, you’ll have an online personal trainer to guide you through a workout at any time of the day. You’ll also have unlimited access to various workouts to target the area you want to focus on.


Personal training through a gym can become expensive if it’s an additional service to your gym membership. If you sign up for online fitness training, an online personal trainer leads you through all the workouts. Online personal training costs are often less per month than the cost of in-person personal training sessions.

You can still build a relationship with your trainer with the convenient online workouts. They are available for you to ask any questions or share any fitness goals. Consequently, they can also provide you with nutritional advice and delicious recipes to try.

Give Online Personal Training a Try Today

Need an exciting new way to exercise? Join the fitness revolution of online personal training with Strong Lean Happy. We provide you with various workouts to reach your fitness goals. Check out our classes today!