Personal Trainer Recruitment

Are you an online personal trainer looking to be a part of the Strong Lean Happy revolution? Do you want to teach classes that affect people’s lifestyles? Strong Lean Happy is looking for personal trainers who are ready to change people’s lives.

Strong Lean Happy is ready to add personal trainers to our team who are ready to make an impact on people through online personal training. Are you interested in being a part of the video workout training revolution?

Strong Lean Happy Personal Trainer Requirements

Education and experience requirement

  • Trainer must be currently certified and have at least 2 years of training experience.

Personality requirement

  • Must have an outgoing and confident personality, and they must be comfortable with being in front of a camera.

Video trainer requirements

  • Minimum of 10 Live (scheduled) video sessions per month
  • Must have ample space for training videos, uninterrupted studio time, or ample at-home space (subject to approval)
  • Must have ample lighting, audio, and video capabilities, including Softbox lights, webcam, high-speed internet, computer, and mic.

Other professional requirements

  • Must have Independent Online Training Insurance.

Trainer obligations

  • Must have designated class types, descriptions, and formats for their workouts that stay consistent and organized throughout their LIVE classes
  • Must sign non-compete agreement
  • Must sign 6-month agreement with Strong Lean Happy

Be a Part of the Strong Lean Happy Family

If you are interested in becoming a part of revolutionary video training, email your resume to Amanda Barton at [email protected].