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A little about me first. Nearly 5 years ago at age 47 I decided I needed to lose some weight and get back into shape. But once I turned 50 everything seemed to change. My workouts were still strong and hard. I continued to eat well but I started gaining weight again. I was really sore after workouts and often quite fatigued. I would get really strict with my diet to no avail. I’d find something that seemed to help and as soon as I started to improve, things would go south again. I was getting really frustrated. I always felt convinced that proper nutrition was key but had no idea where to turn or who to trust.

With the referral from a good friend, I started working with Amanda on a new nutritional plan. The initial assessment was incredibly thorough. And with that Amanda change just about everything, but in a fantastic way. The best part is I wouldn’t call this a diet, simply because it has never felt like one. It was a nutritional plan that was tailored to my lifestyle and my levels of activity.

The meals were awesome! Amanda eliminated many things that I love but they were replaced with things that were so much better. I never felt like I was missing out. Fresh eggs, turkey bacon, grilled sirloin, grilled chicken, grilled salmon, tuna, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, quinoa, etc. Then my treats, like almonds and almond butter. She also did a comprehensive review of my supplements and adjusted them accordingly. We saw positive results within a couple of weeks and Amanda introduced more variety and started mixing it up.

Over the course of 3-4 months, Amanda coached me making adjustments based on feedback and measurements that she requested on a regular bases. With regular Skype or phone meeting and pretty much anytime access, Amanda was always there for support. But real results is where the rubber meets the road. I didn’t have a ton of weight I need to lose but I did slim down nicely and really dropping my body fat percentage. But improving my energy levels was high on my list and those are now better than ever. With those on the rise, I was able to start pushing workouts harder and harder. But best of all, recoveries are pretty much overnight. Although it frustrates me at times, feeling like I didn’t push hard enough is really a nice feeling. Especially when you know in your heart your trainer just kicked you’re a**, often pushing me to failure and/or to new personal best.

In closing, the sweet spot in all of this is the fact the plan is still working months later. I have been able to maintain, stick to the healthy eating habits and easily adapt all of this to eating out and not feeling guilty about it. My energy levels are still up, I push harder than ever and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life! Proper nutrition is Huge!

Thanks Amanda!

Amanda is exceptional at keeping you motivated and targeted on your fitness goals and incorporating healthy food options to maximize your goals.

Amanda Changed my life. She SAVED my life. You have to put in the work, I made the decision. I knew the changed I had to make and how hard it would be, but wasn’t sure how to do it. Amanda gave me the tools to transform. She’s a master at her craft. In the areas of diet and exercise, along with a program specifically designed for you, She gets you real results. I have everything I need to lead a Strong, Lean and Happy life. I love her! Thank you!!! Fact: I have lost 55lb since training with Amanda

I myself am a Personal Trainer, and I learned a lot about Nutrition from Amanda. The game changer for me was when she taught me not just what to eat, but when to eat certain foods. Food timing and hormones make a world of difference. And I would never have been able to achieve these results if it weren’t for Amanda.

Having Amanda put together a spread by day of specific routines and reps was great, but also having the dietary description was even better to help “making the abs in the Kitchen!” She is very knowledgable and accessible, which is important considering we live in different states!

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